Tax and other consulting services

Our knowledge of and experience in consulting in the area of information technology enable us to provide quality services for the protection of information, rights in domain names, copyright, as well as the right of use of computer programmes and preparation of license agreements.

We provide legal support to our clients on a daily basis starting from companies on the Fortune 100 list and ending by small start-up projects.

We offer:

  • support of the procedure for registration, protection, management, and use of intellectual property (copyright and related rights, domain names, patents for inventions, utility models and industrial designs, rights in plant species, trademarks, and commercial names);
  • factoring, franchising;
    commercial secret protection;
    support in the course of legal disputes over copyright, related rights, rights in other intellectual property;
  • representation in disputes over patents and trademarks;
  • analysis of transactions involving intellectual property, including with reference to potential tax effects.

Customs Services

Rules for crossing the state border, implications resulting from non-compliance, and solutions for complex cases of cross-border operations will be explained by our experts experienced in interaction with customs and fiscal authorities.

We are ready to discuss and explain you:

  • obtaining permits to import and export goods by road transport;
    customs clearance of cargo;
  • special customs procedures (exports, imports, transit, processing, etc.);
  • procedure for calculating customs payments and determining the customs value of goods;
  • procedure for certification of businesses involved in foreign economic operations with the customs offices;
  • specifics of customs, border, and other control in and outside Ukraine;
  • specifics for determining a code of goods in compliance with the commodity classification of the Ukrainian Classification of Goods involved in Foreign Economic Operations (UCG FEO);
  • disclosure of revenues earned by non-residents in Ukraine (tax calculations, preparation and submission of returns).

We are also prepared to consult you on:

  • preparation and submission of prime entries (for customs clearance of cargoes in Ukraine’s customs territory);
  • placement and storage of cargoes at customs warehouses or temporary storage warehouses.

Employment relations

As an employer, any company must be confident that employment documentation is properly prepared, and its requirements to personnel are lawful. On the other hand, employees must get acquainted with their employment rights and should be in a position to protect their interests in cases of disservice.

Our services include:

  • oral/written consultations on matters related to working hours, rest time, social security and guarantees of employees;
  • identification of necessary internal regulations and/or development of such regulations for companies (employment/collective agreements, job descriptions, occupational safety documents);
  • employment conflicts and compromise solutions;
  • preparation and registration of collective employment agreements;
    assistance in employment of foreign nationals and obtaining work permits;
  • support of registration of foreign nationals with migration authorities;
  • development of confidentiality algorithms.

Exchange control

Being aware of complicated cross-border currency operations with reference to limitations in certain areas, we offer:

  • consultations on licensing operations involving currency assets and exchange control;
  • legal support of registration of foreign investments and obtaining individual licenses from the National Bank of Ukraine;
  • consultations on existing limitations in the area of exchange control and recommendations for cross-border operations;
  • analysis of documentation to define potential currency risks and most suitable methods of their elimination;
  • consultations on the terms and timeframes of settlements involving foreign exchange;
  • consultations on financing real property construction;
  • analysis of credit agreements, factoring agreements, and other associated agreements;
  • legal support of debt restructuring;
    consultations on financial leasing, insurance and re-insurance;
  • legal support in disputes in the area of banking laws and insurance.

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